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 About Us > Board Of Directors
The Board of Directors consist of:

5 Directors to be elected from the members admitted under bye-law No. 5(a) and 5(b) provided that the said State Federation has transacted business worth of atleast 15% of its turnover of the items being dealt by the NCCF, excluding the business of confiscated goods, other items alloted to the State Federation by their respective State Govt. under Public Distribution System or under any special obligation, during the preceding year before the election.

NCCF 3 nominees of the Govt. of India.
NCCF One nominee each of:-
NCCF National Cooperative Union of India.
NCCF National Cooperative Development Corporation.
NCCF National Agricultural Coop. Mktg. Federation of India Limited on reciprocal basis.
NCCF Five Directors to be elected one each from five constituency zone-wise.
NCCF Not more than two eminent Cooperators or Economists or Management Experts coopted by the Board of Directors. Such coopted Directors do not have the right of vote or to contest election to any post of office bearers.
NCCF Managing Director.

The election of the Board of Directors is conducted by the Returning Officer appointed by the Central Registrar, Cooperative Societies in accordance with the provisions in the Multi State Cooperative Societies Act and Rules, 2002.

Term of the Board
  The term of the Board of Directors is for a period of five years.
Chairman & Vice-Chairman
  The Board of Directors elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman from amongst themselves. The terms of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman is co-terminus with the term of the Board.
Powers & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board exercises all powers of the Federation except those reserved for the General Body and in particular has the following main powers and duties:-

NCCF To place before the General Body the Annual Report, Audit Report and Work Programme.
NCCF To decide matters relating to withdrawals, transfers, refund and forfeitures of shares.
NCCF To frame rules for election of Directors.
NCCF To authorise person or persons to sign on behalf of the Federation, bills, notes, receipts, endorsements, cheques, contracts and documents.
NCCF To appoint agent or agents for the business.

Through any member or officer or employee of the Federation or any person specially authorised to institute, conduct, defend, compromise, refer to arbitration or abandon legal proceedings by or against the Federation or the Board or officers or employees concerning the affairs of the Federation.

NCCF To frame regulation regarding recruitment, scales of pay, promotions, training and service conditions of employees of the Federation.
NCCF To delegate all or any of the powers, authority and discretion vested in the Board of Directors to the Managing Director or other employees or Executive Committee or other Committee subject to the ultimate control being retained by the Board.
NCCF To determine terms and conditions of collaboration with cooperatives and others in India and abroad.
NCCF To settle the terms and conditions regarding retirement of share capital contribution by the Govt. of India.
NCCF To appoint from amongst its own members the Executive Committee, Business Committee and other Sub-Committees for specified purposes to conduct the business efficiently. The Committees shall in the discharge of the Functions entrusted to them, conform in all respect to the bye-laws and to the instruction given by the Board. The deliberations and decisions of the Committees shall be subject to review by the Board.
NCCF To construct, purchase or otherwise acquire godowns, trucks, machinery or other property considered necessary for carrying out the business of the NCCF and enter into contract for the purpose and disposal of any property.
NCCF Sanctioning of contract of any value.
NCCF To appoint trustee or trustees, attorney or attorneys for the business of the NCCF.
NCCF Laying down criteria for determining the default by members.
NCCF To interpret the organisational objectives and set up specified goals to be achieved towards these objectives.
     Shri Virender Singh (Chairman)
Virendra Singh >> NCCF

Anand Mangal Central Consumer Cooperative 
W/S and Retail Stores Ltd., 
Anand Bazar, MIG Colony,
Kala Nagar, Bandra (East),
Mumbai- 400051, MAHARASTRA.

Email ID:

      Shri Vishal Singh (Vice Chairman)

Sandeep Sahakari Upbhokta Bhandar Ltd., 
Chitra Gupta Nagar, Ward No. 21,
Patna Bihar

Email ID:

      Dr. Bijender Singh (Director / President)

The Priya Consumers Cooperative Stores Limited,
Shop No. 18, Kalgi Dhar Gurdwara Market,
Near Arya Samaj Road, Uttam Nagar,
NEW DELHI 110059

Email ID:

      Shri Pradeep M Lal (Director / Govt. Nominee / Deptt. of Consumer Affairs)

Government of India
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food&P.D.
Krishi Bhawan

Email ID:

      Ms. Zaleela T Yousef (Director / Govt. Nominee)

S1, No. 1 First Avenue,
First Main, Teachers Colony

Email ID:

      Shri Ravindra Prlahadrao Patil, Advocate (Director / Govt. Nominee)

35, J.D.C.C. Bank Director's Bunglow, 
Gate No. 288 &289, Plot No. 68,
Bhikam Chand Jain Nagar,

Email ID:

      Shri Ambika Prasad Singh (Director)

The Varanasi W/Sale Central Cons. Co. op. Stores Ltd., 
V-52/82 Sahakari Bazar, Nadesar, 
Varanasi - 221002 (UP)

Email ID:

      Shri G.P. Gupta (Executive Director / M&I Consumer& Stg.)

National Co-operative Development Corporation,
4, Siri Institutional Area, 
August Kranti Marg, 
NEW DELHI -110016

Email ID:

      Dr. Chandra Pal Singh Yadav (Director / Ex-M.P. / President)

National Co-operative Union Of India,
3, Siri Institutional Area,
August Kranti Marg,
NEW DELHI -110016

Email ID:

      Shri R.S. Joon (Director)

NAFED House, Ashram Chowk, 

Email ID:

      Shri S.K. Nag(Managing Director)



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