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Grievance Redressal Process

NCCF allows time upto 30 days to the indenting organisations to report defects in goods and deficiencies in services on the orders executed against their indents.


 NCCF, is committed to engage as a transparent and efficient organsiation. Consumers can lodge complaint/grievance through the following :-
      (i)   Written Complaint/Grievance at Facilitation Counter at the  92, Deepali building, 5th Floor, Nehru place, New Delhi -110 019

      (ii)   Complaints can also lodged electronically through 

      (iii)  To the designated nodal officers:-

Nodal Officer (Grievances)

For grievances (concerning non-compliance of Charter)

Manager (P&A)

92, Deepali building, 5th Floor, 
Nehru place
New Delhi-110 019
Phone No: 011-26239278     



 Manager (P&A)

92, Deepali building, 5th Floor, 
Nehru place
New Delhi -110 019
Phone No: 011-26228282



Complainants should

NCCF  Lodge their grievances along with verifiable and specific facts and figures, so that immediate action can be taken on the grievances without any loss of time at any stage.
NCCF Provide complete contact details of the complainant with contact phone numbers, e-mail ID, if any. This will help us to contact the complainant for any further clarifications on the complaint, instead of issuing communications by post.


Timeline for response:

Acknowledgement – Within 7 days

Interim reply – Within 15 days (in case of matters related to subordinate formations)

Expected Final Disposal – Within 45 days

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