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The National Co-operative Consumers' Federation of India Ltd. (NCCF) has a Vigilance Cell headed by a Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) on deputation from Govt. of India. The CVO assists the management of NCCF in maintaining the transparency and integrity in general administration and in increasing the efficiency as well as the productivity in NCCF through various preventive measures and monitoring mechanisms. Punitive actions are taken where the preventive measures fails to produce desired results. Apart from dealing vigilance cases, the CVO with the help of vigilance officials deployed in the vigilance cell, monitors the functioning of the Federation through regular and surprise visits of the sensitive areas and review them from time to time to streamline the procedures with a view to minimize the scope for corruption or misconduct. During investigation of the complaints/cases or surprise visits/checks whenever any inadequacy in the laid down procedure is noticed, suggestions are made by the CVO to the management for rectifying such procedures.

The basic objective, thus, of the Vigilance Cell of the NCCF is to improve the systems, preventive measures and also reduce ambiguity in the interpretation and implementation of the rules and procedures resulting in misuse of the discretionary powers being exercised by the employees who are not authorised to do so as per the prescribed procedures. In order to prevent such ambiguity, the guidelines/procedures are issued by the Vigilance Cell from time to time so that transparency and integrity is maintained in the affairs of the Federation.

Procedure for lodging complaints with the NCCF
The complaint(s) can be lodged against the official(s) of the NCCF to the following authorities:-

  Name & Designation Telephone No. Fax No Address
  Shri Manoj kumar Semwal (IRSEE) (MD) 011-41680056 - NCUI Complex, 5th Floor, 3, Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi- 110016
  Shri Ashish Tripathi, IRS (C.V.O.) 011-49096522 - NCUI Complex, 5th Floor, 3, Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi- 110016
Do Not Pay Bribe
NCCF If any employee of the NCCF asks for bribe or if you have any information on corruption in the NCCF or if you are victim of corruption, you can complain to the above authorities.
NCCF NCCF does not entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints, so please give proper name and address. Identity of the complainant will be strictly kept confidential.
NCCF The complaints must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and related matters. The complaint should not be vague or contain absurd allegations and sweeping remarks as such complains are liable to be filed without action.
NCCF It must be ensured that the complaint is addressed directly to the Managing Director or the Chief Vigilance Officer of the NCCF.
NCCF The complaint will generally be acknowledged by the NCCF but it is not possible to keep the complainant up-dated with the status of the case. However, the complaints are followed by the NCCF to their logical conclusion.
NCCF The public lodging the complaints are also advised not to continue correspondence on the same subject after receiving the acknowledgement from the NCCF.
NCCF Complaints against NCCF officials can also be sent by e-mail
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